P.H.U. Bartfarm was established on January 13th , 2009. The founder of the company has over 30 years of commercial experience in the distribution of substances for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

   In our warehouses we have a humidity and temperature control system as well as special chambers for essential raw materials such as menthol, camphor, oils, etc. Our credibility is systematically confirmed by international companies verifying reliability and commercial guarantees.

   The flexibility we offer to our customers is an undeniable advantage of our company. We are also valued for reliability and integrity in the process of serving our contractors and the high quality of our deliveries.

  Our suppliers have certificates like : ISO, GMP, HACCP, KOSHER, HALAL.

  Deliveries from PHU Bartfarm each time have complete documentation, including:

Our superior value is the trust of our clients who value us for:

  In addition to caring for the quality of our services, we also care about the systematic development of the company. An example of this is our department - Animal Nutrition, which we created in response to customer inquiries.

  The actions taken so far have made our recipients certain that they can trust us. We are a partner for over 300 companies in our country and abroad. We hope that you will also find your supplier of raw materials in us.


Dariusz Kucharski

 P.H.U. Bartfarm owner