P.H.U. Bartfarm is a private company that was founded January 13, 2009 year. Our founders have over 30 years of bussines experience in sales, including the distribution of substances for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, and nearly 10-year practice in registration of medical products. Our ability to; develop procedures, implement quality systems, and manage in efficient way, were gained by us through previous experience in large companies (recognized internationally). It came to us naturally to implement them in Bartfarm. Following certificates confirmed result of our work:

  • October 2015 year -positive result of GIF inspections (Main Pharmaceutical Inspectorate) .Bartfarm has received Inscription in National Register of Distributors of Active Substances .
  • March 2016 year - Certificate of Good Distribution Practice (GDP).
  • In May 2016 year - we have been registered by the District Veterinary Inspectorate with the Veterinary number PL1432524p .
  • In July 2016 we received the GMP + certificate.

    Our credibility is also regularly confirmed by international companies that verify the reliability and trade guarantees worldwide. Besides of systematic focus on quality of our services, we put attention to strong company development. Good example of such result is our new department - Animal nutrition, which was built in response to our customer needs.

    P.H.U. Bartfarm has its own warehouses equipped with a monitoring system that allows us to systematically control the level of humidity and temperature. We also have a special compartment for raw oils like menthol, camphor, oil, etc. Our suppliers has ISO, GMP, GMP+, Fami-QS and HACCP certificates.

   We cooperate with customers throughout the country and beyond its borders. We transport active substances through specialized companies (for example: Pharmalink). Our undeniable advantage is the flexibility that we offer to our customers. Even the smallest amounts ordered by our customers are being carefully fulfilled by us

    We are valued in the market by our customers for reliability and integrity in the service and deliveries. For the products we sell as well as for submitted samples, we enclose complete documentation, including :

  • product specification

  • legally required certificates and statements,

  • MSDS original or translated into Polish,

  • in the case of active substances in drugs mediate in the transfer of DMF or CEP.

Our supreme value is the trust of our customers (they appreciate our):

- Speed of response to the received request,

- Reliability and accuracy in the execution of orders,

- The high quality of our products,

- Documentation compliance adjusted to the current legislation.

   Our actions have given our customers the assurance that they can trust us. We are a partner for more than 300 companies in our country and beyond its borders. We hope that you will also find in us -your supplier.


Dariusz Kucharski


ul.Kwiatkówek 11 U
05-085 Kampinos
Tel.: (22) 487 87 42
Wilkowa Wieś 23
05-084 Leszno
Tel.: (22) 721 07 16
Pharmacy and Dietary suplements:
d.kucharski@bartfarm.pl, 602 830 836
e.kucharska@bartfarm.pl, 606 757 213
Personal care:
b.hejne@bartfarm.pl, 698 377 223                        
Animal nutrition:
a.kusyk@bartfarm.pl, 882 367 553